Boosting your web site’s search ratings

by Louellen Coker on May 24, 2008

Just about every business I work with realizes the importance of having a web site. Those same businesses find themselves wondering how to rank high among the millions of other sites that tout the same or similar services. If you’re ready to embark on the journey of driving searchers to your site, here are some great places to start.

I’d love to take credit for this list, but it comes from my colleague Heather Steele who shared information from the Fall 2008 meeting of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association’s quarterly meeting in the November 2007 edition of Technically Write, the newsletter of the Lone Star Community of STC.


  • SEO Digger is a ranking report tool that shows common search terms for your site.
  • Touch Graph provides visual link maps.
  • yahoo! Site Explorer shows back links and indexed pages for your site.
  • Aaron Wall’s SEO Tool Bar works through Firefox and has multiple tools built in.
  • We Build Pages’ Toolset has backlink and anchor text, keyword frequency, and Spider viewer tools.
  • Deep Link Ratio Checker shows the deep link ratio of a site (inbound hits not to a home page).
  • Web Confs checks keyword density and creates tag clouds
  • VeriClix provides pay-per-click reporting, auditing tools, and fraud monitoring
  • Data Center Search Tool provides Google search results across data.
  • Google Website Optimizer is an adwords testing tool.
  • Google Adwords Editor is an easy way to update your adwords for Google.
  • Agent Web Ranking is similar to Web Position 4 (a low cost option)
  • OptiLink checks natural search engine rankings.
  • is a keyword list expansion tool.
  • Poodle Predictor shows what your site will look like in a live search result.
  • Server Header Checkers checks URLs and redirects.
  • SEO Quake provides search engine parameters (backlinks, indexed pages, Alexa rank) and lets you download serach engine parameters into Excel.
  • Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool provides popularity numbers from Yahoo and is a brainstorming tool.
  • Microsoft adCenter Tools is a toolbox of advertising and keyword tools that allows you to learn more about user intent behind keywords.
  • is visual search engine tool
  • Google Cheat Sheet is a reference guide to Google search products.
  • Google Site Map Generator spiders your site and creates an XML site map and automatically updates based on parameters you set.
  • Market Leap is a back link checking tool that also provides search engine saturation reports
  • is an historical Web page archive that lets you view your Web page from 10 years ago.
  • W3 Code Validator checks your code for errors.
  • Isapi rewrite rewrites URLs to be search engine friendly.
  • Page Rank Bot provides site-wide page rank filtration and more control over internal distribution.
  • Google toolbar checks page rank and has a keyword highlighting tool.
  • Google Webmaster Central offers many tools for checking your site.
  • Google Analytics tracks where visitors come from and how they interact with your site. (There are some reported privacy issues with this tool.)
  • Google Base helps searches find what you sell.
  • shows side-by-side Web site rankings.
  • Google Traffic Estimator Gives quick ballpark numbers of traffic estimates of keywords.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a keyword idea and brainstorming tool.
  • Google Suggests is a brainstorming tool included in the Google toolbar.
  • Yahoo! search assist is a brainstorming tool included in the Yahoo! toolbar.
  • Bruce Clay SE Relationship Chart provides a visual diagram of SE distribution relationships.
  • is a landing page design tool.
  • is a keyword analyzer.

Free to certified resellers

  • lets small businesses quickly create optimized Web sites. Great for local businesses as it provides full analytics and lead generation.

Low Cost (Under $500)

  • Trellian’s Keyword Discovery provides keywords and brainstorming tools using real data from popular search engines for $69.95/month.
  • Web Position 4 checks natural search engine rankings for $149/5 domains.
  • Advanced Web Ranking mimics a user as it checks natural search engine rankings for $99-$399.
  • Advanced Link Manager shows how links evolve over time and lets you compare your site to competitors for $59-$149.
  • provide new keyword ideas for $299/year. (Monthly subscriptions also available.).
  • Click Tracks is a search analytics tool.

High Cost (Over $500)

  • gives competitive insights on keywords for $60,000/year (single reports available for $695)

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