Making the Most of your Conference Call Lines

by Louellen Coker on July 1, 2008

In her weekly ezine, Marketing Mojo, and her blog, Tina Ferguson shared some great tips for getting the most out of your dedicated conference call line you already pay for (or one of the free conference call services that are out there). Here are a few of the suggestions from her blog where she discusses low-cost ways you can increase your presence both on and offline:

  • Record marketing bits for your website or blog – Create your script and then speak it into your phone and then voila! you have an audio upload.
  • Record testimonials – Make it easy on your customers who love you by giving them a phone number where they can record the message. You will need to give them dial-in instructions, but most are so easy a 2nd grader can manage. You can also use voice mail to capture your clients raves.
  • Record coaching or consulting sessions – While this adds another step onto the process for those who coach or consult, Tina says it is WORTH the effort. Her clients share that they get breakthroughs when they listen back to our conversations. These recordings offer lots of added value for clients.
  • Write a book – Ever been driving down the road when ideas started flying in from all directions? Grab the phone, hit speed dial and record your thoughts and ideas on your conference call line. While automatically transcribes your ideas, these recorded bits can just as easily be transcribed. If you speak better than you write, consider using your line to write your chapters, then have your assistant type it up.
  • Create an information product – If you sell your ideas or information, consider getting some of your colleagues together for an informal (or formal, if you prefer) chat about a hot topic your clients want to know more about. Download the call, edit and Shazam! you have a free give away or a new information product.
  • Hold a class – If you combine your conference call line with a PDF delivered via email or online download, you can do this for literally nothing but your time. Record the class calls and then you have another information product available afterward and class participants can listen to you over and over again.
  • Market yourself via a teleseminar – For most free services, you can invite up to 50 of your closest friends where you can share more about a new product or offering. For a bigger splash, you can open the lines (for a fee) for up to thousands of listeners.

These are just a few of the ways you can use a conference call line or service for more than just a conference call (don’t forget to check out the full article for additional information). We’d love to hear from you. What other ways have you used your conference call line to its fullest potential?

About Tina Ferguson

Tina Ferguson is an award-winning marketing guru who has helped services companies and entrepreneurs double, triple, and quadruple their annual revenue. If you are ready to make more money, have more fun, and ignite your mojo visit for FREE tips and a subscription to her ezine, Marketing Mojo.

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