Dreamweaver CS4: Code Navigator (Part 4)

by Louellen Coker on October 3, 2008

Dreamweaver CS4 has a lot to offer its users. Another of the exciting changes you’ll find is in the application’s code navigator feature. This will change the way you work in the program and increase your productivity. You will have quick and easy access to

  • external css
  • server side includes
  • external scripts
  • templates
  • library items
  • iframe source files

The code navigator speeds up the process because to get to specific code, all you have to do is select it and then click the compass to display the code navigator. You can then select the specific part of the code you need to work with. No opening other windows, no tabbing, etc. It’s all right there!

Watch this eight second video to see how easy it is.

This post is part four of a series about what is new in Dreamweaver CS4.

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