Facebook Profile. Check. Now What?

by Louellen Coker on March 30, 2009

With all you’ve heard about social media, you decided it was time to go to Facebook and sign up for a profile. You’re set up, but now what?

Getting the most out of your social media efforts requires a little bit of effort on your part. New to Facebook, here four things you can do to dive into the deep end.

Set up your profile page

First and foremost, take the time to set up your profile page. Your friends and advertisers will find you through the information you provide on this page. As you complete the profile information, consider what, if any, of your information you want to be visible in the public domain.

Set up a page

If you want to keep your public and private life separate, you should consider setting up a page for your business or group. A page is very similar to a profile page, however it is always public facing. You can allow others, “fans” usually, to engage in a conversation with you by setting up a discussion board. You can also contact your followers directly as well as set up a feed from your website or blog. If you’re a member of Facebook and would like to become our fan, you can find us here.

Accept friends

It won’t take long to build a following on Facebook. You can serach for people you know by name, email, address, company, and/or schools you attended. If you’re shy about asking people to be your friend (one of my reservations), be patient, people will find you. And find you they will. Accept those friends with whom you want to share your facebook activity with.

Engage in your community

You’ll find that your Facebook community will be similar to your real life community. You’ll get updates from your “friends”, play games with them and engage in all sorts of friendly banter. Businesses use their pages to communicate with their “fans” and provide an additional mode of communication with their customers.

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