Twitter Tweeps Tweet, But Are Tweets So Sweet?

by Louellen Coker on March 4, 2009

Yesterday, Iattended the Women Business Owners of Denton County’s meeting at which Bill Hartzer shared his insight through his presentation “Promoting Your Business on the Internet using Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.” When Hartzer mentioned Twitter, a rumble went through the crowd as many of the ladies wondered about this new term. And at dinner an area marketing professional and I talked about the role of twitter in sharing one’s message. If you are among those who are wondering about the newest wave in the social media ocean (there are literally hundreds of ways to keep in contact with your world), you’re not alone.

Twitter Defined

is a form of social media that is taking the world by storm. Tweeps (that’s people who use twitter) regularly answer the question What are you doing? in 140 or fewer characters through instant messaging, mobile texting, or the web. Once you set up your free account, you can follow any number of people and they, in turn can follow you.

You may be like me, my first thoughts flittered to

  • Who really cares that what I am doing?
  • Do I really care about what others are doing?
  • How will this help my (and my clients’) business?
  • Do I have time to add one more thing to the agenda?

Twitter Sweets

I eased into the twitter world in much the same manner I eased into facebook. (Read my post about my facebook experiment.) After talking to a colleague (and great Intellectual Property attorney) of mine, Tamera Bennett, I started following a few of the people she recommended. It didn’t take long for me to be hooked. I enjoyed getting updates from other creative professionals and soon joined the conversation. I found groups that are made up of industry leaders and a wide variety of interesting folks. Before long, people began to follow me. The results?

On the personal front

How has twitter helped me on the personal front?

  • I found a few new songs that I’ve added to my favorites songlist.
  • I found a few runners who, like me, are training for a fall marathon.
  • I’ve had a good laugh at the tiny things that are happening in my tweeps’ lives.

On the business front

Let’s cut to the chase, you’re probably reading this because you want to know how twitter can help your business. In the last month these are a handful of the specific things I’ve experienced.

  • I see a significant spike in visitors to my blog in the 10 minutes after I tweet about my blog post and regular incoming traffic thereafter.
  • I’ve risen in Google ratings
  • I’ve gotten immediate feedback that helped me solve real problems in mere minutes. Problems ranging from the perfect word to use in a presentation to how to solve a formatting issue that we were struggling with.
  • I’ve been able to provide immediate feedback to others in my network.
  • I’ve gotten some valuable feedback that will be included in my presentation at the STC Summit in Atlanta, GA later this year.
  • I’m exploring the possibility of doing a presentation with one of my tweeps about using social media to promote your business.
  • One of the Women Business Owners of Denton County commented to me, “I’ve been enjoying your posts. I didn’t realize you provide that service, we should talk soon.”
  • I’ve been motivated by my tweeps in many ways. They’ve prodded me into getting out the door for a run and being active in client development and have cheered me on when I’ve won a bid on a project.
  • I’ve even won a neat book or two. (No worries, I’ll review them shortly.)

Twitter Bittersweets

Is twitter right for you? With the world abuzz about tweeting, you owe it to yourself to find out. John Stewart’s parody about Twitter gives us a glimpse at the possible downside to twitter.

John Stewart on Twitter

Twitter Tweeps

Need help finding tweeps or want to follow us? Your first step is to sign up for your free twitter account. After that, the next step is to build your nest. You can follow us at We’ll welcome you to our twitter world.

We’re interested in hearing about your Sweets and Bittersweets. Share the good, the bad, and the ugly of your twitter experience in the comments or tweet us @ContentNotes.

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