Life is a Dance – Is Yours Choreographed? (WBODC Meeting, June 2)

by Louellen Coker on May 15, 2009


Wendy Guess, PhD

Life is a Dance – Is Yours Choreographed? (WBODC Meeting, June 2)

Women Business Owners of Denton County’s guest speaker, Wendy Guess, Ph.D., will share a collection of empowering tools to put you in the director’s chair of your life, and in control of your business performance. An award-winning educator, Dr. Wendy Guess has brought people together on the Dance Floor of Life for over two decades, motivating thousands of students, employees, and friends to live with passion, enhance communication skills, and improve professionalism.

Using the joy and power of social dancing as her tool, she helps people choreograph or manage their life to enhance performance skills, including health, confidence and communication. Wendy explains, A choreographer uses a unique collection of movements or steps to create a magical work of art. Just like the choreographer, we can take certain steps that turn our own life or business into a work of art. It just takes the right set of tools and skills. In business and personal interactions, how we present ourselves to others is a key factor in successful communication. In this world of savvy consumers, lightning-fast Internet communication and challenging economics, we must make sure we are in charge choreographing our actions.

Registration and networking begins at 11:30, with a luncheon and speaker to follow, 12 noon-1:00 p.m. Register online at by Thursday, May 28, 2009. With timely reservations, the luncheon and program cost is $15 for WBODC members and $20 for guests. After May 28th, the cost is $20 for WBODC members and $25 for guests.

The Women Business Owners of Denton County is a non-profit organization established to strengthen women owned businesses economically, socially, and politically via energizing and expanding its members’ centers of influence. Our vision is to create productive, interactive groups of business people.

Location: Oakmont Country Club, Corinth, Texas
Register: Click here
Start Time:
Date: 2009-06-02
End Time: 13:00

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