A Walk on the Wild Side: A Field Guide to Social Media Marketing

by Louellen Coker on June 5, 2009

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking to the United Way of Denton County agencies about how they can use social media networking (aka social media marketing) as a means of getting the word out about their agency in a very cost-effective manner.

I thought I’d share my presentation with you.

A Walk on the Wild Side: A Field Guide to Social Networking

An Informal Social Media Marketing Survey

Like this presentation? Let the good folks over at Slideshare know. Simply click on the link below and give me a “thumbs up”! Voting ends on June 22, so hurry on over.

Fuze Tell A Story Contest

BTW, while it would be kinda cool to win, the purpose of the post is to have a real-life anecdote of the workings of a social network. If we do happen to win, at least 10% will go to diabetes research through my involvment with Diabetes Action.

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