Bing, SEO, and Your Small Business Web Site

by Content Solutions on June 15, 2009

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There have always been the three big search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. And all three of them have different criteria for ranking pages in their search results. Making sure that your small business website, which you worked hard to create, ranks high in the search results is a little daunting. Now, with the release of Bing, Microsoft has changed their search engine. And, to muddy the waters even more, Google seems to have changed their search algorithm.

What does all that mean for SEO? Specifically, what does that mean for small business owners who practice SEO?

After wading through the massive amounts of information and hype, I have come to the conclusion that it means very little to most small business owners.

SEO is a constantly changing arena. Search engines will always be changing their algorithms to avoid scammers who use unethical or automated means to inflate their page ranks. So when you see big shifts, like what is happening now with Bing and the evolving Google algorithm, don’t panic. All your SEO efforts are NOT going to go to waste and you aren’t going to have to learn a whole new set of SEO rules.

If you continue to maintain a thriving web site that has landing pages that are relevant and engaging to your target audience, you will be fine in terms of SEO.

All that being said, there are a few differences between how Google and Bing seem rank pages:

Domain Age: Bing seems to put more emphasis on the age of the domain–if your domain is older, it has a slightly higher advantage.

External Links: Both Google and Bing place a major emphasis on external links. If external sites, with your keywords, link to you, you can increase your search engine rank. But Bing seems to value having your keywords in the title tag of pages that link to you.

Unfortunately both of these are out of your control. There is nothing you can do to increase the age of your domain. And you certainly have little or no influence over the content of external sites that link to you.

So, for now, go ahead and keep creating awesome content that is relevant to your target audience.

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