Tip of the Day for Effective Social Networking

by Louellen Coker on June 3, 2009

Talk WITH your social network community members, not AT them

The landscape of how we communicate with and market to our clients is rapidly changing. With the advent and integration of Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, forums, etc.) into marketing there is a decided shift from the traditional interruption marketing. As that landscape has evolved, businesses are able to market themselves most effectively when they talk to their customers rather than at them.

As I was watching the morning news on my local NBC affiliate, they shared that Southwest Airlines and American Airlines had both recently launched new marketing campaigns. Both are great examples of a business talking with their community rather than at them.

Southwest Airlines launches new ad campaign

According to Southwest Airlines, their new summer ad campaign,”Grab Your Bag. It’s On.”

is a call to action for Customers to move forward, get back out there, and keep flying to the important events and people in their lives. At Southwest, we understand what the Customer needs to get business done today, and we are with them every step of the way.

Doubtless this is a response to small talk amongst their customers that flight attendants have overheard.

American Airlines launches new website

American Airlines, on the other hand now has focused www.aa.com/women on the particular needs of women.

According to NBC5,

American Airlines‘ redesign and re-launch of a Web site, aimed specifically at female travelers, reflects the fact that women are now the biggest decision makers when it comes to buying airline tickets.

“Our research tells us that women make at least 70 percent of all the travel purchase decisions,” said LeAnn Marchbanks, director of women’s marketing for the Fort Worth-based airline.

Have you seen other examples of effective social media networking or marketing? Let us know about them in the comments.

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