Cloud Hosting: Helping Small Businesses Compete

by Content Solutions on July 8, 2009

When it comes to selecting a host for a website, I want to be able to upload the files and know that everything is already set up to handle them. I also want to know that the site won’t crash if it gets a sudden burst in traffic.

Large companies have a dedicated IT department to handle this kind of stuff. So what is a small business to do? This is where cloud hosting, from companies such as The Rackspace Cloud, comes into play.

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing by Rackspace - Formerly Mosso

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing by Rackspace

First what is “cloud hosting”? For the sake of brevity, I am going to keep my answer very simple. A cloud hosted website is hosted virtually across multiple, varying servers versus a traditionally hosted site which is hosted on a set server (or part of a server). Think of cloud hosting like your electric provider. When you are home with all the lights on, more electricity flows into your house and you pay for what you use. With cloud hosting, when you need increased bandwidth and storage you get it almost instantaneously and when you no longer need it, it just goes back into the “cloud.”

With traditional web hosting you get a set amount of bandwidth and storage. To increase your bandwidth and storage you then upgrade your account. But what if you have a sudden, unexpected spike in activity—a big time blog links to your site, you get covered by a local media outlet, or your marketing campaign is more successful than you ever dreamed? With traditional hosting, you are then left scrambling to contact your host company to upgrade your account and configure servers, and you are just praying that you can reach their customer service! And you have to continue paying for that increased bandwidth and storage even after you no longer need it. With cloud hosting you pay for what you use, when you use it.

Another big advantage of cloud hosting is the limited set up. In a cloud hosting environment, the servers are already set up to run. All you have to do is upload your site.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud hosting, check out this terrific 5 ½ minute YouTube video.

And if you want to transition to a cloud hosting group, check out The Rackspace Cloud (formerly Mosso). They are a leading provider of cloud hosting and provide excellent customer service. We here at Content Solutions use the Rackspace Cloud for our web site and those of many of our clients. Our clients know that they can trust their business web site with Content Solutions and the Rackspace Cloud.

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