The Advantages of Hiring an Editor

by Louellen Coker on August 5, 2009

Help! I need an editor.Oftentimes, when I tell people I work as an editor, they ask questions like “Doesn’t it get old correcting people’s spelling and grammar all day?”

I usually laugh as I reply “Well, I do check for spelling errors, but I, and my team at Content Solutions, do a lot more than that too.”

As most of us have spent a great deal of time learning to string words together in a semblance of order, I’m not always surprised with the misconceptions that surround perception of what an editor does. (Especially from subject matter experts!) Though we all know how to write, and with the popularity of desktop publication software, many of us know how to add graphics and put things in order; all words (or graphics, or layout, or a long list of other components of your project) are not created equal.

The addition of an editor can enhance your content in many ways.

Editors Improve your Project

A good editing team can help you improve any document. You can bring them in at any point in the process, though sooner is always better. Of course, having anyone edit a document is helpful, but working with a professional editing team has specific advantages. When you work with an editing team, you have access to their knowledge and expertise (in multiple areas such as language, graphic usage, user interface, accessibility), and they can help you in a way that a casual reader can’t.

Good editors understand the situations you are writing for vary. They understand that award applications are different than proposals, which are different than informative articles (or blog posts!). We don’t expect you to know every detail about the situation for which you are writing, but we can help you to pin down your requirements and make sure your project meets them.

Editors Improve your Writing

A good editing team will help you improve your writing. Good editors don’t just check for grammar and spelling: we help you improve your word choice and address your document’s organization. We also help you address your audience specifically. Good editors will talk to you about what your goals for your document are, and we make sure your document meets those goals.

Editors Improve your Perspective

Additionally, a good editing team can provide you with a perspective outside of your own company. After you’ve worked on a document for a while, you often stop seeing the details, whether they are simple typos, errors in reasoning, or omissions of information. Bringing in an editing team helps you overcome these problems, because editors provide a pair of “expert eyes.”

Editors Improve your Production

A committed editing team will help you assemble your materials effectively. We will support you and help you meet your deadlines. We understand that you can’t prepare for every possible situation, and we are prepared to work late to help you meet your deadlines and goals.

How have editors made your projects better? Please let us know in the comments.

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