Time-Saving Tools (2): Dimdim Web Conferencing

by Louellen Coker on September 14, 2009

Welcome to the second in our series of three posts about time-saving tools. In reprise:

Over the summer, w discovered several fabulous time-saving tools that let us spend more time working on rather than managing our projects. They’ve made such an impact on our daily operations,  we thought we’d share them with you.

In this series of posts, we’re sharing our favorites:

DimDim Web Conferencing

Dimdim: Unlimited Online Meetings at Lowest Price
As summer began, I was working on a PowerPoint presentation with a client. We were tweaking the layout and we reached a point where we couldn’t deal with the intricate placement of some of the elements.

To ensure that we were on the same page with the layout, we jumped over to Dimdim.com for a Web conference where we shared our desktop and were able to get through the project quickly. Since discovering Dimdim.com, my company uses it often.

One of my favorite uses is to conduct a webinar for the community Web sites we’ve been creating. We walk the client through how to use the features of the new site, recording the conference as we go. We post the recording to their Web site and they are able to access it at any time.

Dimdim, Inc. offers many different subscription levels from free, which allows up to 20 participants, to enterprise, which allows up to 1000 users. Check out this YouTube video about what they’ve got to offer:

With prices starting at free, you almost can’t go wrong. Here is what you get for your money:

Dimdim Price Structure

Dimdim Price Structure

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andy stewart September 21, 2009 at 4:50 am

Personally, I use Showdocument for online teaching and web conferencing. I’m not saying these programs aren’t good,
But I think a web-based application is always better, since there’s nothing to download or install.
try it at http://www.showdocument.com . -andy

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