10 Apps to Help you Survive Cold and Flu Season

by Louellen Coker on November 27, 2009

Nobody likes falling prey to those invisible bugs that are floating around. Let’s face it, getting the cold, flu, bronchitis, or other malady is just flat not convenient.

Both the cold and flu bugs have reared their ugly heads in our offices, resulting in me sending everyone home (including myself) at one time or the other in the last few weeks.

If you’ve found yourself out of the office for one of these seasonal ailments, you might want to check out the 10 apps that have helped us maintain productivity from our beds. Of course they work well when you’re out and about, too.


1. WordPress

If your website and/or blog is on a WordPress, platform, this is a great app for you. Available for both iPhone and Blackberry, this app lets you update your WordPress site right from your cell phone. You can write a post, update a post, and even review comments.

2. GoogleGoogle_App

Google on your phone opens up endless possibilities. You can learn about your illness, find remedies, and more. I’ve set up an iGoogle account and have been able to create a user experience that meets my particular preferences. My favorite capability is linking to Google Reader so I can keep up with the blogs I follow while relegated to bed.

3. KindleKindle_App

I love my Kindle, but the Kindle app for the iPhone runs a very close second. (Though now that you can highlight and add notes just like you can on the Kindle, the app may accidentally pull ahead!) The free Kindle App lets you

  • buy a Kindle book and wirelessly transfer it to your iPhone or iTouch
  • preview a book before purchasing it
  • download the Kindle books you already own (and sync it with your Kindle)
  • adjust the text size and add bookmarks
  • create notes and highlight blocks of text
  • read in portrait or landscape mode (lockable in your favorite orientation)
  • select different backgrounds suitable for different reading conditions
  • ability to turn pages by tapping or flicking
  • pinch to zoom images in books

Twitteriffic4. Twitteriffic

If you’re into Twitter, Twitterrific is a must have app. With it installed on your iPhone, you’ll be able to follow your tweeps (people you follow) through recent posts, replies, and direct messages on multiple accounts. Just a few of Twitterrific’s features include:

  • Special detail view for showing more tweet information
  • Built-in mini-browser for displaying links and @screen_names
  • Nearby tweets are highlighted with a link to Maps
  • Built-in hints to help you learn quickly

Facebook_App5. Facebook

The facebook app allows you to stay connected and share via your iPhone. You can stay abreast of what your friends and fans are doing as well as upload photos, add friends, and more. You can use this app to start a Facebook Chat, check phone numbers, and even comment on what’s going on.

DocsToGo_App6. DocsToGo

DocsToGo is a mobile Office Suite that lets you do what you need to do on the fly:

  • Edit, create, and view Word and Excel files
  • View PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Apple iWorks and other files
  • Ability to send and receive Exchanged Email (if you purchase this version)

It even includes a desktop app for your wi-fi enabled computer for a 2-way sync.

freshbooks7. MiniBooks for Freshbooks

This handy little app puts the power of the popular web invoicing software Freshbooks in the palm of your hands.  It fully synchronizes with your Freshbooks account, so you can

  • Manage your clients
  • Send invoices
  • Run timers
  • Record payments.

Encamp for Basecamp8. Encamp for Basecamp

If you use Basecamp to manage your projects, this is a must-have app! With this app, you have complete access to your

  • Dashboard
  • Projects
  • Messages
  • To-Dos
  • Milestones
  • Time
  • People.

Analytics App9. Analytics App

If you like to keep track of what’s happening with the traffic on your website, this app’s for you! Heralded as one of the best apps for Google Analytics, it gives you anytime access to your Google Analytics data. You’ll enjoy

  • 52 reports
  • Secure connection to Google
  • Today and Yesterday reports
  • Customizable date range
  • Wifi, 3G or Edge functionality.

This app has such an intuitive and elegant interface that you might accidentally find yourself using it  more often than Google’s website!

Grocery Gadget10. Grocery Gadget

This handy little app will let you sail through the aisle and get your grocery shopping in a flash (even if it is the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas!). You can not only make your list and check it twice, you can email a friend or significant other all the ingredients to your Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup recipe and be on the mend even faster.

Besides bringing you comfort food faster, Grocery Gadget lets you

  • Track pricing
  • Enter item notes
  • Arrange items as you desire (ABC, by aisle, etc.)
  • Enter photos of your items
  • Sync across multiple iPhones and iPhone touches.

These are the apps that helped me get through my bout with the flu. What are the apps that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments.



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