Laughter Sold! Dentured Dogs Win!

by Louellen Coker on February 20, 2010

In our Laughter Sells! post, we asked you to go denture your dog at the Pedigree website. We received a few great entries and thought we would share some of our favorites.

Here at the office we had such a great time laughing at the entries that we couldn’t choose just one, so we’ve expanded the winnings to include our favorite pups! If you’re a proud owner, check your mailbox for your little guy’s Dentastix.


Kristin Kirkham dentured her bundle of fur Fozzie

Fozzie in Dentures

Fozzie the Dentured Dog

Fozzie in Dentures


Jackie Cannon dentured her little man, Chewie.

Dentured Dog

Chewie in Dentures

Neighbor’s Puppy

Flo Ridlon borrowed her neighbor’s dog to join the denturing fun. We don’t know this furry creature’s name, but it’s cute nonetheless!

Dentured Dog

Neighor's Puppy in Dentures

We’d like to thank all of our entrants. You made for a great day in the office. We hope our winners enjoy their Dentastix!

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