5 Noteworthy Branding and Social Media Blog Posts, March 5, 2010 Edition

by Louellen Coker on March 5, 2010

Every week we have literally thousands of blogs come through our Google Readers that offer great information. While it’s hard to winnow these excellent posts about branding, social media, graphic design, writing, editing, or other topics pertinent to the services we provide at Content Solutions, here are a few posts that caused us to take pause around the water-cooler to discuss this week.

From the Branding Front

Branding Starts with Your Employees

From the folks over at Women Entrepreneur comes a post reminding us that branding comes from within. Lynn Parker discusses five components that will help you define, live, and deliver your brand promise.

Google’s SEO Report Card

Yep, we spend a lot of time doing search engine optimization activities for our client websites and conducting ad campaigns on Google, so we were interested to see how Google rated itself in their SEO Report Card. This 49 page report based on a study of the main pages of 100 different Google products as a means of giving their product teams ideas on how to improve their products’ pages.

From the Social Media Front

Why Should I Be on Twitter

This is a great little post from twitip that runs down some of the top reasons to join the twitterverse. I forwarded this post to my favorite client, Duane L. Coker (OK, he does happen to be my husband of nearly 20 years as well!); and after reading it and attending IgniteDallas #1, he became a convert.

Facebook Officially Launches Resized Photos

Nick O’Neill shared on All Facebook that images on Facebook have been increased “by almost 20 percent to 720 pixels.” For those of us who like to upload pictures for our friends and family to see, this is great news!

11 Blogging Fears and How to Overcome Them for Good-Part 1

Here at Content Solutions, we regularly work with our clients as they set up their blogs. Our discussions sometimes start with our clients staring at us glassy-eyed across the table. As we ease our clients into their new blogs, we address the fears that Michael Martine over at Remarkablogger addresses.

Just as an aside, two-thirds of our staff are professional writers and editors that hold master degrees and have extensive consulting and teaching experience focused on this exact subject! We love nothing more than helping you overcome these fears.

Know of other great posts? Let us know in the comments.

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