Google AdWords and Google AdSense: Powerful Tools for Your Business

by Content Solutions on March 2, 2010

When we start online ad campaigns for our clients, we begin by explaining the difference between Google AdWords and Google AdSense campaigns. Both of these remarkable programs are designed to build up and strengthen your business. They get the public more familiar with your business, as well as help your business grow.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a free way to give your business the impressions (users actually hitting your site) it needs to help it succeed by providing popular ads on your business, organization, or personal pages. These ads can be put up in a variety of places such as your contact pages, your mobile site, feeds, and even on the result page of a search for your website. You can choose the location of the ads on your website. These ads would be relevant to your business, and they may either be an image ad, or text ad. The ads that are placed will earn you money for each valid click on one ad, and if you have multiple ads then you increase your chances of earnings. You will receive a check for all the earnings you receive at the end of each month.

When we performed a keyword search for the word computers. We found the website that is using Google AdSense. Notice, below, the iTunes advertisement at the top center of the website, and also notice the Ads by Google icon at the bottom right corner of the ad which shows that the ad was placed by the Google AdSense program. Notice also that the ad is targeted at users who likely own an iPhone or iTouch and may also need something to help them clean up a messy music collection.

Google Adsense

If and when a user clicks through to the product and makes a purchase, you (the owner of the website) will receive payment from the company. It’s a great way to make passive income.

AdSense will help you earn extra money through your website, may even help off-set the price of the domain and hosting, and gets your searchers to be more interested in your content. Some concerns of using AdSense on your website is that the ads that are placed may be ads of competitors, and why would you want to point your very own visitors to another website. Don’t fear, you are able to block certain websites and ads from appearing on your website. To get started with AdSense you will need to visit, create an account, and follow the instructions on how to get the Adsense code onto your website. Then the easiest step yet, earn money!

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a completely different program. Rather than adding an ad to your business, organization, or personal website, you will create ads specifically for your business to be displayed on Google search pages. These ads will be created and customized by you, and will include keywords that give good description of your business. These ads will be placed in the search results page that is related to your business.

You are charged each time a searcher/visitor clicks on your ad. No matter what your budget, you can choose how much to pay for AdWords, you are able to set daily limits as low as $10 per day. And for the individual ad clicks, you can spend anywhere from 0.1 cent per click or up to $10 per click for a suitable ad. Google AdWords determines the price of each click by the popularity of the search terms you decide to use . This program also provides keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget. AdWords is a great way to make the ideal impression on your business, and put it out there for the world to see, and click on.

To find a Google AdWords advertisement for the same keyword, we searched “‘iTunes” from Google, and found the iTunes AdWords ads, as shown below. Notice the Target ad that appears on the upper right side of the screen highlighted in yellow. This ad relates to iTunes because they sell products that work with iTunes in their stores, Target create an ad campaign through Google AdWords and made their ad appear on the results page of a search of words, in this case, containing iTunes. You can also see the iTunes Official Store Ad in yellow under Sponsored Links on the top of the search results. These are the two locations you will find Google AdWords Ads.

Google Adwords Ad

To create an AdWords account, visit and get started sending visitors to your website today! Google AdWords has been proven to expand your audience, and increase traffic to your website.

Google AdWords and Google AdSense are two very efficient and rewarding programs to help your business grow. With Google AdSense, you can earn the money from each and every click you receive. With Google AdWords, you never have to blow your budget, and you still get the results from the campaigns you create. AdSense and AdWords may be considered the perfect tool for those businesses who need and want the publicity. Google AdSense and AdWords differ in many ways, but they both have one thing in common; they are there to help your business grow!

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Customers Now March 2, 2010 at 9:58 am

This is great information. Truly appreciate you sharing this. Also wanted to add another resource, Internet Advertising Guru David Szetela’s new book, Customers Now, on how to master two simple content advertising programs – Google’s AdWords content ad network and ContextWeb’s ADSDAQ Exchange – so that you can efficiently get your message out and effectively generate a strong customer base.

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Louellen Coker March 5, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Thanks for sharing. We’ve added the book to our reading list. It looks interesting.

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