Facebook’s Privacy Issues Make the Cover of Time Magazine

by Keri Honea on May 24, 2010

Time Facebook cover - May 31 issueYou know that you’ve tripped over something big when it appears on the cover of Time magazine, and unfortunately for Facebook, it’s not a good thing.

I’ve harrumphed for the last few weeks about issues with Facebook privacy, from how to ensure your privacy with the new changes to the new community pages experiment, so this article really doesn’t provide any new information. However, it screams out loud what Facebook’s 450 million users have been saying for the last few weeks: no one is that happy with the latest Facebook changes.

Writer Dan Fletcher delves into the history of Facebook and leads up to the latest privacy (or lack thereof) developments. From there he immediately attacks Facebook’s credibility and intentions, claiming that the social media giant is walking the path to becoming “the Web’s sketchy Big Brother, sucking up our identities into a massive Borg brain to slice, dice and categorize for advertisers.”

Print magazines in general have lost their mass amounts of distribution, and Time has been no exception to this trend, but calling out Facebook like this in both print and on Time‘s website will surely attract many an eye. In other words, Facebook is about to receive far more bad publicity for their latest privacy problems, and we all will be hearing about this for a lot longer than any of us will like until Facebook does something about it.

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg did say that they “made a bunch of mistakes,” but they haven’t really come out and said what they will do to fix it. And really, that’s been Facebook’s biggest problem all along: a lack of communication. They attempted to communicate well with their users with the “Like” over “Fan” feature, but they didn’t mention the new privacy issues or what the community pages were really about. What’s really a shame about all this is that Facebook obviously didn’t learn the harsh lesson Google Buzz had to learn a few months ago. I suppose that old adage of “history repeats itself” works for the ever-changing social media market as well.

Look for this issue of Time magazine on May 31st.

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