Specials on Foursquare!

by Keri Honea on May 18, 2010

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how companies could use Foursquare for marketing and customer relations. I mentioned that I would love it if my local Starbucks would recognize me as their mayor and thank me for checking in so often. Well as of this morning, I got my wish.

I stop by Starbucks every morning I take my son to school, and I’ve been mayor of that Starbucks for almost as long as I’ve been a member of Foursquare. As I checked in this morning while waiting for my usual coffee, I noticed a little special icon at the top of the location page for my phone.

Specials on Foursquare

Because I’m the mayor of this particular Starbucks, I can take $1 off any Frappuccino until the end of June. How awesome is that? I’d like to say it was all because of my blog post that got the Starbucks’ executives’ gears turning, and I may still take credit. Nevertheless, no matter who can take the real credit, this is something all companies should potentially look into, and I’m thrilled to see my personal addiction be one of the firsts. It made my day to find out I get a super secret special that no one else at this Starbucks can snag unless they steal my mayorship. (I even showed my proof to the Starbucks staff, which made them laugh as hard as me.) Imagine how delighted that could make other customers. They may more than likely stay loyal to you or start visiting you in the first place just to check in if you advertise Foursquare Specials for the mayor.

There’s a lot of potential for businesses here, and it’s exciting to see how they take advantage, if they take advantage at all. I will say one thing: I’ll be checking in far more often to places to see what other deals I can grab if I can become the mayor.

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