TweetDeck Incorporates Google Buzz and Foursquare

by Keri Honea on May 27, 2010

TweetDeck's New FeaturesIt was big news when TweetDeck added Facebook news and LinkedIn to its desktop application for Twitter. But this week, they expanded into Google Buzz and Foursquare, effectively eliminating most of your needs to ever peruse other social media sites. Just load up TweetDeck, leave it running in the background, and all of your social media needs will be fed to you directly. In addition, as you can see from this “What’s New” screen, TweetDeckers can also post their tweets directly to WordPress and tumblr blogs.

Adding these accounts is as easy as it always has been, and you can create separate columns for each like you already do for your groups and other accounts like Facebook. You are also able to make Foursquare and Google Buzz posts directly from TweetDeck. However, don’t think you can just check in anywhere you want from the luxury of your home and steal those mayorships. You still have to check in with your respective smartphone. As such, I’m not really certain at this point why one would make a Foursquare post outside of checking in somewhere, but I suppose it will become apparent in due time.

The only gripe I have thus far with using all of these forms of social media in one desktop application is that I’m friends with a number of people who use at least two of theĀ  social media services I track (all but MySpace), and most of these users link all of their posts together. In other words, when a friend makes a post to Twitter, it cross-posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz. If they checked in somewhere with Foursquare and choose to tell the world, I could see the same check-in announcement across all my channels. It’s both humorous and annoying, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to monitor all of the social media heavy hitters at once.

If you are a Twitter user and have not experienced the glory that is TweetDeck, we here at Content Solutions cannot recommend the application enough. You can sort all who you follow into different groups and rarely miss a tweet despite the fact you follow 1,200 people. It will also sort out your replies (or mentions, as I believe they are now called) and direct messages. It’s one of the easiest applications available to use to tweet to multiple Twitter accounts as well as monitor multiple social media sites. I can even use it to post to all of the Facebook fan pages I administrate. I’m not sure how I ever used Twitter or kept up with all of my friends on Facebook without it. When more of my friends get into Google Buzz and Foursquare, I’m sure I’ll have similar feelings.

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