Quick Review of iPad SEO Apps

by Keri Honea on July 12, 2010

The iPhone library has had numerous Apps for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, but none of these were that effective to use due to the iPhone’s small screen. Now that Apple has released the iPad, it’s far easier to use these applications now, and developers have additionally created SEO Apps strictly for the iPad. However, there are several different Apps available, and as usual, not all of them are good or even worthwhile. The following is a quick review of the current batch of SEO Apps available. Knowing the App Store like I do, more Apps will release by the time I finish writing this, so I expect to write additional reviews in the future.

SEO Search RankingSEO Search Ranking – iPad only ($1.99)
Don’t even think about downloading this App. It seems simple enough to use; you type in the URL, the keywords you want monitor, and it provides the search engine rank for the keywords. It’s such a shame, though, that its information is completely inaccurate. For example, for one of our clients, the App claimed the website ranked well below the top 64 for an organic keyword, and in reality, the site ranked number 1 for same keyword. I had high hopes for this App, because it would make keyword rank checks so easy to do every week. Instead, it’s proved unreliable and a waste of my $2.04.

SEO AutomaticSEO Automatic – iPhone and iPad ($9.99 and free for Lite)
Now this little App is quite neat. You enter in your URL, and the App generates a report for you, listing everything SEO-wise you are doing well or poorly. It also offers advice on each point to help improve your SEO. The free version does all of this for basic SEO elements, such as HTML titles, metadata and alt tags for images, which is perfect for a starting point on a SEO project. The full version provides a more in-depth analysis for SEO improvement and can even e-mail you a copy of the report in PDF format. Every SEO consultant should have the free version on their iPhone or iPad.

Submit Pro AppSubmit Pro – iPhone and iPad ($.99)
All this App does is submit an URL to several search engines for registration and indexing. When I say several, I mean nearly 20 different search engines, including a few I didn’t know were still in existence (does anyone use iwon.com as a search engine anymore?). In a nutshell, this App feels pretty pointless. If you cover your basic SEO ground, you won’t need to actually submit your website to search engines.

SEO Advisor AppSEO Advisor – iPhone and iPad ($.99)
SEO Advisor is similar to SEO Automatic in that it offers tips for improving your website’s SEO, but this one focuses specifically on working with your keywords. Meaning that it offers you a  SEO “score” for that keyword and then lists tips on how to improve your score. However, doing all of the tips doesn’t really raise your score, and it’s difficult to discern exactly how your site is scored. It’s only one dollar, so it’s not a waste of money; just ignore the score and focus on the tips for boosting the SEO of your keywords.

SEO IT AppSEO IT – iPhone and iPad ($2.99)
This App was unfortunately another waste of my money. The App is supposed to break down your metadata and tags for the URL you enter, but the only accurate and reliable information it provides are the linkbacks. If you want to know your linkbacks, then download Link Juice instead. It does a far better job.

SEO Tab AppSEO Tab – iPad only ($.99)
Enter in your URL, and SEO Tab will provide your page rank, Alexa rank, and a tally of all of your backlinks. This App has made my monthly page rank checks rather easy, but I do have one major complaint. The App needs to save the URLs for easy reference. As it stands now, I have to retype in each URL, so I might as well just keep using Yahoo’s Site Explorer. Hopefully an update will allow for saving URLs. I can’t imagine how easy it will be to check out page ranks then.

SEO Master AppSEO Master – iPhone and iPad ($.99)
Until SEO Tab lets saves your domains, there is SEO Master, which also provides your URL page ranks AND it saves all of them. No need for Site Explorer with this App. Just open, refresh, and write your page rank report. However, if you need to know your Alexa rankings and backlinks, that’s where this App falls short.

SEO Manager iPhone and iPad appSEO Manager – iPad only ($9.99)
This is the SEO App of all SEO Apps. The price is a little steep, but trust me when I say it is worth every penny. The App saves all of your URLs and all of your organic keywords for each URL, and then it churns out your search engine rank for each of your keywords. Yes, it is accurate. I double-checked. You can use this for your own search rank checks as well as competition cross-checks. I now use this every month for my keyword rank checks and competition cross-checks. I cannot recommend this one enough.

So far, no one App stands alone and can be used for all your SEO needs (I’m waiting for a real Adwords App I can use!). However, buying two or three of these Apps will make your SEO life a bit easier. My suggestions for three must-have SEO Apps are SEO Automatic, SEO Manager, and SEO Master. You will be doing far less time-consuming research and report writing, which means that you’ll have more time to build links and improve your site’s SEO!

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Kellie G. December 3, 2010 at 2:46 am

Is there an app that uses the toolbar to display the PR rank of each page that is viewed on the browser? Thanks!

Keri Honea December 7, 2010 at 3:42 pm

No, no plugins for Safari on the iPhone/iPad just yet. That would be great idea though. Hint, hint iPad app developers!

Jeremy Bryant December 17, 2010 at 10:37 pm

Great Post. I wish there was a way we could try apps before buying them. I have been really pleased with Analytics Pro (which btw) is not an ipad app yet. But, I have really enjoyed Analytics App from Inblosam LLC. It’s good to know that there are some other options out there. Thanks again.

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