Practical Conference on Communication – Louellen will be there and speaking!

by Keri Honea on August 31, 2010

Practical Conference on Communication logoOur Chief Content Coach continues to be widely sought after for her knowledge in effective communication and her speaking abilities. She will be speaking at the Practical Conference on Communication with the Society of Technical Communication in Nashville, which takes place on October 7-9. More specifically, she will be discussing how communicators can work toward expanding their electronic presence in the job market.

The conference website offers more specifics to her panel.

Louellen Coker, Kristy Nolan, and Heather Steele present ways to elevate your on-line presence with a stand-out electronic resume and portfolio. Learn how to apply interactive marketing techniques to find jobs before they even exist, manage your resume and portfolio for easy customization, build a consistent look and feel for your resume and portfolio, and add that extra WOW factor with cheap (or free) and easy-to-use tools. If you’re in the current job market and you feel the need to stand out from the crowd, this presentation is a must.

This is a topic that we here at Content Solutions strive for daily with our clients as well as our own business, so we are well versed in this matter. If you’re thinking of going to this conference, this is one panel that you do not want to miss.

Registration is still open, and it assures that it will be educational, opportunistic, and of course, fun for all attendees.

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