Typography Essentials by Saltz – a Video Book Review

by Louellen Coker on August 23, 2010

I recently¬† had the opportunity to review Ina Saltz’ Typography Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Working with Type (amazon affiliate link) for an upcoming issue of the Society for Technical Communication’s journal, Technical Communications.

Typography, as Laura explained in her earlier post, Are You Sending the Right Message? – Typography Part 1, is a very important consideration when approaching any design project. In fact, typography is one of the areas in which we spend a fair amount of time during creative development. When we choose a font, we always consider three factors:

  • Presentation: how your user will access the piece
  • Audience: who your user is
  • Purpose: what you are trying to achieve with the piece

Typography is important for non-designers to consider as well. With the proliferation of desk-top publishing and the wide-spread use of word processing documents, it’s not uncommon to see people use a wide variety of fonts just because they are available to them. Just because you can use any number of fonts at any given time, doesn’t mean you should.

If you’re inclined to dabble with the use of typography, this is a perfect book for you. Tucked inside a very demure cover you’ll find 205 pages clearly explaining 100 design principles that begin with using typography for the letter and progresses to the word, the paragraph, and ultimately the page. Saltz not only explains and portrays the rules with succinct language and high quality images, she tells you when you should break them.

Saltz’ book has become one of go-to books for not only refreshing our memories of typography rules, but also as a source of inspiration for our projects. It’s even garnered this comment from one of our happy clients: “We always love your work, but this project simply comes alive!”

Check out our video review.

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