What’s New with Scribe SEO 3.0.3

by Keri Honea on September 8, 2010

If you run a WordPress blog for your business or another business, the Scribe SEO plugin is a MUST. Those who have it know exactly what I mean, and for those who don’t, let me explain what this genius plugin does. You do have to purchase a monthly subscription to the service–which really isn’t that expensive and is worth every penny–so you can activate the plugin, and then all you have to do is write a blog post, provide a HTML Title and meta description, and then click on “Analyze.” Scribe combs through your post and tells you exactly what you need to work on to improve the SEO of the post. For example, it may suggest adding more links, different placements of your organic keywords, or altering your keywords. Whenever I write blog posts for our clients as well as for us, I always run a Scribe Analysis on my content just to make sure I have focused on my target keywords. Using Scribe has also really improved how I write for SEO, which is something everyone can use, no matter how proficient of an SEO write you are.

Scribe Keyword ResearchLate last week, Scribe released a new update for the plugin that actually makes SEO implementation even easier, if you can believe that. In addition to the SEO Analyzer, Scribe now offers Keyword Research and Link Building Research.

The Keyword Research is Scribe’s own little Google Keyword Tool. Type in your ideas for keywords, and Scribe will display a handy list of all similar keywords and the number of times each keyword has been searched for in the last month. This is a great way to see 1) how popular your target keyword is in the search engines and 2) if there are better target keywords for your topic. For example, please see the Keyword Research results from a blog post I recently wrote for client regarding core stability exercises. As you can see, the results list a wide variety of similar keywords, and this was from using the Exact match type. The Broad match type produced a far long list of words.

Scribe Link Building toolYou can’t use the Link Building tool until after you have completed your Scribe Analysis, because this tool takes the primary keywords that Scribe detected from the metatags and post content in order to research links. When you click on the “Research” button, you can choose to look for external, internal, and social media links. External link research explores various blog posts that also use your target keywords and provides information for you to contact the writers for swapping links. Here is a small sample of the external links Scribe suggested for my core stability blog post.

The social media link tab does about the same thing, except that it scours Twitter for trending topics that match your keywords. You can use that info to follow those users, RT some of their information, and basically build a stronger social media network for your blog.

Now the internal links tool is exceptionally neat. It runs through your own blog and finds other posts that are geared toward similar keywords. This way you can link back to some of your past content as a reference for both you and your readers. You don’t want to inundate your posts with internal links, but linking to one or two past posts every now and then builds up your link base and improves SEO, not to mention, more time on your site (and more time on your site often leads to new customers…you get the idea).

Using these tools consistently will help you improve your WordPress blog SEO with every post. Many WordPress plugins out there only provide tools for incorporating good SEO, such as the All-in-One SEO plugin, but none of them except Scribe teach you how to write optimal content in addition to remembering all the little metatag nuances.

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