Book Review: Social Media Marketing an Hour a Day

by Keri Honea on October 26, 2010

Social Media Marketing an Hour a DaySocial media marketing has become all the rage over the last five years or so, and the last couple of years has practically made social media a requirement for businesses. The job position “social media manager” is now littered across job seeking websites, something I personally never thought I would see. This book though, [amazon-product text=”Social Media Marketing an Hour a Day” type=”text”]0470344024[/amazon-product], is most definitely not geared toward those looking to fill a social media manager position. Instead, it’s only suitable for those who have no idea what social media even is, and even then, it’s only really useful if you go back in time a couple of years.

The book lays a great foundation for the definitions of social media and how social media affects the web, which is fantastic for business owners or self-made social media managers who know little about social media and how it works. Past that, it isn’t really that useful for “real world” social media. So many of the social media outlets suggested for use are–as of this day–rarely used or on their way out (such as Digg, tumblr, and, and several others that are largely used right now aren’t even mentioned (such as Reddit and Foursquare).

I’m sure that this book had all the best intentions at the time of publication, but unfortunately, it’s a casualty of its own topic. Social media marketing constantly changes week to week, so it’s best left for discussion in a very important part of social media: the blogosphere. There are so many blogs out there that keep up with the ever-changing social media realm, and really, learning about social media via social media is the best track to becoming an expert.

Pick up this book for learning about what social media is, and then turn to other blogs for what the best social media tactics are, such as Mashable, and well, this blog.

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