Miss Google Wave? With Google Docs, You Shouldn’t

by Keri Honea on November 4, 2010

Google Docs LogoA couple of months ago, Google announced that they were discontinuing their Google Wave feature, which was a fantastic application for live whiteboard editing for meetings and on-going business discussions. When I first heard the news, I was convinced that Google was making a huge mistake and they had no real plan for what to do next. I was very, very wrong.

Google has taken what we all loved about Google Wave and incorporated it into Google Docs, their cloud software for creating Microsoft Office documents and drawings. One of the great features of Google Docs is the ability to share documents with co-workers and compatriots, which allows them to either just view the document or make changes. Now when you share your docs, when your shared editors view the document along with you, the two of you can chat in Google docs about the document, and edit the piece while the other is still viewing/editing the document. In other words, it now has live editing.

The following video explains these features a little better.

We have been looking for a live editing (free) program for awhile now, and here it is, already within a Google App we already use on a daily basis. Not only that, but it’s a Google App that is so easy to learn, no matter your level of tech savvy. We use it amongst our clients, and in my personal life, I share Google docs with my husband and in-laws for organizing family events and the like.

Other best part of Google Docs? You can access them anytime, anywhere with a computer because it’s a cloud-based service. There are even iPhone and iPad apps that allow you to view and edit your Google Docs on the fly.

So while Google Wave had a short life-span and we were sad to see it go, we welcome the new features of Google Docs with wide, open arms.

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