More Quick iPad/iPhone SEO App Reviews

by Keri Honea on December 27, 2010

Since the initial onslaught of SEO Apps that I have previously reviewed, we really haven’t seen many more. A few cropped up recently, and some of them answer one reader’s question on SEO Apps regarding link building. So without further adieu, here are my quick SEO App reviews.

Website SEO Analyser by Impact MediaWebsite SEO Analyser – iPhone – Free

While this App is really a nice advertising cover for Impact Media’s online marketing services, it actually has some relevant use. All you have to do is enter in the domain you want analyzed, and three tabs will pop up for your review. The first tab has all of the domain’s info, including location of server, how old it is, when it was created, when it expires, and how many pages are indexed (assuming this is with Google, as it really doesn’t say). The second tab lists all of the individual page information, such as metadata, headers, and all the images plus their alt tags if any. The last bit of info alone is great for finding out which pages are missing alt tags for the images. The third and final tab contains all of the link information for the domain, which includes the page rank, the number of inbound links, the Alexa ranking, and how many bookmarks the site has (although these days, Delicious has kind of lost its original appeal and relevance).

There’s nothing earth-shatteringly amazing here, but it’s a nice little reference for how well your site is doing, how the competition is doing, and when that domain name you’ve been stalking for ten years will expire.

Link JuiceLink Juice – iPhone – $1.99

Link Juice is definitely not new, but I put off on reviewing it for so long because I kept hoping for it to work on the iPad. Still to this day, Link Juice will not load on the iPad. If you can even get it to install on your iPad, it will crash upon opening, so it’s not worth your time. It does work quite smoothly on the iPhone, so I’ll have to remain appeased with its unilateral device love.

But I digress. This App analyzes your web page backlinks using seoMoz, Majestic SEO, and SEMRush analyzers. It also gives you a rundown of all the backtweets to your domain. It lists all of your backlinks along with each referring page’s seoMoz’s linking authority. The number of indexed URLs with Google and total referring domains are also listed with Majestic SEO’s link intelligence service. The SEMRush analysis rates sites by the number of visitors coming from the first 20 search results on Google and produces an estimated number of such visitors for the month.

Yahoo! Site Explorer is nice, but they don’t have an App (oh please, someone at Yahoo! make this happen) and Link Juice runs the numbers through different link services for a more complete picture of your backlinks.

SEM CalculatorSEM Calculator – iPhone – Free

This App isn’t too exciting, but it’s fairly useful for juggling a complicated or restrictive SEM budget. It contains five different calculators to help you keep within your budget and/or find the most effective online ad campaign for you. The following is iTunes’ description of each calculator.

The first calculator is the CPM Calculator. This calculator allows you to calculate impressions, dollars, and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Rate if you know 2 of the 3 variables. It will calculate the 3rd variable for you.

The second calculator is figuring out your Display Campaign Cost Per Action (CPA) Calculator. If you buy 1,000,000 banner impressions and are quoted a CPM price, you can see what your CPA will be based on your Click thru and Conversion rate

The third calculator allows you to figure out how successful a banner or email campaign will be by allowing you to enter numbers which will give you different scenarios.

The fourth calculator is CPC to CPM Calculator. This calculator allows you to enter your CPC price and your CTR which will calculate your CPM, so you can decide if a CPC or CPM buy is more effective.

The last calculator is the Max CPC to PPC Calculator. This calculator allows you to enter your CPO goal and your site conversion rate, which will show you the max CPC you can spend on a search or banner campaign.

It also breaks down the formulas and terminology ad services use for online marketing.

SEOzioSEOzio – iPhone – Free

SEOzio is a lot like Website SEO Analyser in that it simply provides a little analysis of your site, including page rank, total backlinks, recent pages indexed, the quality of your metadata, and SEO tips. This App is useful in that it can bring your attention to SEO items you might have missed, but you also have to take the results with a bit of a grain of salt, since every recommendation and explanation (even if you score well) include a recommendation to see a SEO expert.

You can send off your results for a “free in-depth” report from the developer, but you have to be comfortable with giving out your phone number and the risk of receiving a sales pitch with your report.

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