How to Find out Who Has Defriended/Unfriended You on Facebook

by Keri Honea on January 6, 2011

If you’re like me, it drives you a little crazy to see that someone has defriended (or unfriended, however you want to word it) you on Facebook in that you want to know who it was. It’s most likely some obscure acquaintance or a former co-worker, but you still want to know without scrolling through your monster of a friend list. That’s why I have joined Qwitter, the plug-in that tells me who no longer follows me on Twitter. Facebook used to support third-party applications that would automatically tell you when someone stopped being your friend, but that is the case no longer. Some of the applications have been removed entirely, and others have ceased to function at all. I suppose that enough immature people caused scenes over the defriending, and then those defrienders complained to Facebook about the upset defriendees finding out.

Thankfully, for us fellow friend-obsessors (who are hopefully above all that petty nonsense), there is a handy extension for Firefox users that will instantly tell you who has defriended you today as soon as you log into Facebook. The best part is that it is super easy to install!

Install Greasemonkey Firefox Extension

Do a quick Google search for “Greasemonkey Firefox Extension” or simple click this Greasemonkey extension link.

Grease Monkey Add-on for FirefoxOnce there, click on the handy “Add to Firefox” green button. Depending on your Firefox security settings, you may see a warning par at the top of your browser window that says Firefox has prevented this site from installing software. Click on the “Allow” button on the right side of the bar, and then click “Install Now” on the following pop-up window.

Greasemonkey is an open-source, third-party extension that allows for specific scripts to run on certain websites that customize how you view the site. There are thousands of free scripts, and there just happens to be one script that announces who is no longer your Facebook friend.

Install Facebook Friends Check Script

Step two, visit, which has all of the scripts you can imagine for Greasemonkey. Find the Facebook Friends Check script.

Facebook Friends Checker for GreasemonkeyOnce again, click on the green “Install” button, and it will automatically install the script into Greasemonkey for you. So if code, especially javascript code, frightens you, have no fears; there is zero coding experience required for this installation.

Now that Greasemonkey is installed and you have the proper script in place, all you have left to do is wait until someone defriends you on Facebook. If someone does so, the next time you log into Facebook, you will be greeted with the following message at the top of your browser window.

Facebook Defriend Announcement(Yes, Brittany is a co-worker, and I can assure you she only defriended me for this post. At least I think she did. May need to check Facebook and make sure. Hopefully I won’t have to resort to immature harassment…)

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