The Importance of CommentLuv on Your WordPress Site

by Content Solutions on March 10, 2011



When you hear the term “social media,” thoughts of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites most likely flood your mind. However, social media extends beyond these services; it all starts right on your website. This even truer if you run blog posts and allow comments on those posts.

Comments are a great way to bring social interaction right to your website. To aid you in bringing more conversations to your blog posts, there is a WordPress plug-in called CommentLuv. This is an invaluable tool that you need to put to use right away.

What CommentLuv does is track RSS feeds. When a visitor comes to your site, makes a comment, and enters their website info, this plug-in goes into action. The plug-in will go back to the commenter’s site, pull their RSS feed, find the newest article and tack that onto their comment. This is may seem small, but it is extremely powerful to both you and your visitors.

Here is an example of the power behind what may seem like a small task. I run through roughly 25 photographer’s websites every morning. I post comments on their daily images. Thanks to CommentLuv, my latest article shows up along with my comment. As other people visit the site, they can see my latest headlines along with my posted comment.

CommentLuv Example

CommentLuv Example

Thanks to this setup, visitors to other sites see my comments and my recent post headlines. This then allows them to click on the post link and come visit my site. The visitors see my post, along with comments and more headlines. Thanks to me having this plug-in installed on my site, the process repeats and the same visitor wanders off to another site. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Now there are a few keys to making this process work in your favor. First, set aside some time to comment on the blogs you frequent. Make sure you add your website information to any comment that has a website field. This process starts with you putting for some commenting effort forth.

Next, head over to the CommentLuv website and register. This is free, so that should not be a barrier. Registering allows you to comment on more sites before your IP address becomes an issue and the service stops allowing you to utilize it for a brief period of time. Another benefit is you are allowed to choose from more headlines that show up on your comments.

The next key to making this work in your favor has to do with your post titles. CommentLuv is only going to display whatever title you put on your posts. That means any excerpts or blurbs are useless for this tool. Put a bit of thought into your headlines to get a passerby intrigued and want to click on that link to read more.

Finally, if you can get your comments in early, you are ahead of the game. It is proven that people read the first few comments and then jump to the end. If you can get your comment in the top three positions, you have a better chance to snag that coveted click through.

CommentLuv is a free plug-in that is readily available for WordPress. It takes seconds to install, but can snag you more readers every day. This is a great way to put forth a bit of effort surfing the web and posting a few comments, yet bring you higher traffic numbers on your own website.

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Felicia @ No Deposit Poker May 21, 2011 at 2:58 am

Hi Chris,
Commentluv can really do wonders on a blog site. It is absolutely free and it can help attract more readers and encourage relevant comments along the way.
What I don’t get much now is that why is there no commentluv plugin in here? Maybe you’re still tweaking plugins, I’m not sure.

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