Tips for viewing markups in Adobe Acrobat

by Louellen Coker on March 23, 2011

Collaborate. At Content Solutions we define collaboration (tweaked from’s definition) as “working well on a project with each other and our clients.” With all of us spread all over the US and our clients spread equally far and wide, effective collaboration is sometimes a tall order. Over the nearly eight years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen technology evolve in amazing ways that help make that aspect of our jobs easier.

We love our tools and use them to their fullest every day. One long-time favorite is Adobe Acrobat. We use it several times a day, every day. And besides being able to create a document that is viewable by anyone who has Acrobat Reader, it has powerful markup capabilities that are often overlooked.

One such capability is the ability to make text changes and add comments to a document. Here’s an example of a document that I recently made changes to:

Markuped text in Adobe Acrobat

At about this point, you may be saying to yourself: “OK, I can see there need to be changes, but what changes, exactly, need to be made?”

As with most software, Acrobat allows you to view edits in several different manners. Here are the four methods we use most often.

1. Hover over the insert caret.

One of the easiest methods is to hover over the insert caret and pause or do a single mouse-click:

Hover method of viewing edits in Adobe Acrobat.

Hover method of viewing edits in Adobe Acrobat

2. Double-click to bring up the edit pane.

Another easy method is to simply double-click the edit to make the edit pane to appear:

Edit Pane

Viewing edits in the edit pane

3. Show comments

My favorite method of reviewing edits is to show the comments at the bottom of the window. This is my favorite, because you’re able to tick off changes once you’ve made them as well as add additional notes, comments, or clarifications if you desire. To turn your comments on, you simply click Comment > Show Comments in the tool bar:

Show comments

Show Comments in Adobe Acrobat

Once you’ve turned your comments on, this is what you should see near the bottom of your screen:

Show Comments Pane

Adobe Acrobat Comments

4. Print the document

When all else fails, or if you prefer working with paper versions, you can print the document along with the markups. To do this, simply select File > Print and in the print window that appears, ensure you’ve chosen to print document and markups:

Print Markups

Print markups in Adobe Acrobat

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