5 Tips to Marketing a WordPress Blog Post

by Brittany Horton on June 28, 2011

Marketing is a multi-faceted word, especially in today’s world of search engine marketing, and social media marketing. How do you rise above the hype and market your blog and your blog posts? You cannot only market for your blog; each individual post deserve to be broadcasted to the world! We have put together some tips and in a later post, helpful plugins, that you can use to market your blog and individual blog posts.

Facebook Post of Recent Blog Post on Content Solutions Facebook Page

Facebook Post of Recent Blog Post on Content Solutions Facebook Page

Talk about your Blog Post – Don’t be Shy

My first tip to market your blog and your blog posts is to not be shy. Talk about your blog, talk about what you love, wherever you are, or whatever your doing, online, or in person, you can talk about your blog and posts. No post is too little to talk about; if you have recently written a post, go to other forums or blogs and talk about it, tweet the link, and be active.

Don’t spam people with your link, of course! Be reasonable, but don’t be shy.

Be Social

Connect with Content Solutions

Connect with Content Solutions

This almost goes hand in hand with talking about your blog post, but make sure to be social and active. Connect to your users and followers through Facebook and Twitter. Ask your readers to re-tweet or share on Facebook, reddit, StumbleUpon, and other social media outlets. Reach out to other bloggers to link to your post, talk on other bloggers comments and forums and be active within the community.

Encourage your readers to comment on your posts, ask questions, and respond to those that have commented. In a future post we will give you some plugins that you can use to connect your blog to your Facebook account, your Twitter, and other social media connections.

Interlink Within your Blog

Connect your blog post to other posts or areas on your blog. If you have a sidebar, think about adding a most recent posts widget, or most popular posts to your sidebar to market individual posts. If you write one topic on cookies, and then later write about the different sugars that can be used in cookies, add a link to your cookie post.

Also think about including related posts at the bottom of your post, so if someone is interested in that topic they just read, they will go to another blog post on your site to keep reading about that topic. In a future post we will list some plugins that will help with this tip. You can also visit one of our favorite bloggers, ProBlogger, who goes into more depth on interlinking blog posts.

Create an Ad

If you have a post that you think will drive a lot of traffic to your website and add a lot of followers, create an ad about it and place it in different locations on your website, blog, Facebook, or other marketing avenues you use. Spend the 10 minutes it takes to create a small graphic that can be included on any page and any website that you are on. You can choose if you would like to pay to have other websites display this ad, or only use it on your websites and social media pages.

Content Solutions News

Content Solutions News

Send eNewsletters

People subscribe to your eNewsletter because they want to hear more from you, and they like what you have to say. So tell them. Let them know what is new.

Plan to do a monthly, or even weekly, eNewsletter to share your most recent blog posts, and new ideas that you have. It is a nice idea to always include new and original content in your eNewsletters, so that people get more than just your RSS feed in the eNewsletter.

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What have we not covered in this post? If you have any other suggestions on how to market a blog post, or questions, please include them in the comments below.

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