Where Should I Submit Blog Posts? Death of digg and delicious

by Keri Honea on July 13, 2011


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It’s no secret that the world of social media is constantly changing. The addition of Google+ a couple of weeks ago is proof enough of that. As such, it’s difficult and well, tedious, to keep up with what social media platforms are hot and which are on their way out or not useful for your needs. This is especially true if you’re only using social media for one type of marketing, such as blog post advertising, and not for your personal use or other hobbies.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I attended a webinar that discussed the influence of social media on SEO, and two of the social websites this webinar recommended for blog post marketing were digg and delicious. I nearly did a spit take on my computer monitor. While both of these sites are still alive and well, neither of them should ever make your list of submission sites for your blog marketing.

Digg was huge a few years ago. Everyone submitted their posts to digg, and you were practically guaranteed a little flow of traffic from your submissions, even if only two people “dugg” you. However, around 2009, digg slowly began to collapse due to website issues, management changeovers, and the like, rendering the site unreliable digg visitors and submitters alike. As a result, people left and migrated over to reddit, which is still largely in use to this day. So if someone recommends digg to you, flip that thinking into reddit. At least for now, as who knows how long reddit will keep up.

As for delicious, that site has always been rather unique in that it’s a social bookmarking site. You find friends on delicious, and you can share your social bookmarks with said friends. When Yahoo! purchased it, delicious also showed all of your bookmarks on your Yahoo! profile and to your Yahoo! friends. The idea then is to get your friends to bookmark one of your bookmarks, so then all of their friends will see it, so on and so forth down the line. Facebook, though, has pretty much eliminated this need entirely, as by sharing a post on Facebook will reach far more friends than one would have on either delicious or Yahoo! accounts. If you already have a Facebook share or like button on your blog, then you’re all set.

If you’re looking for a similar venue to delicious that is available to far more people than your immediate circle of friends, then check out StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is one of those rare gems of social media sharing that has been around since the days of slashdot (Anybody remember slashdot?) and keeps on ticking. It’s a sharing favorite for a wide variety of websites and brands, and like reddit, you can link your StumbleUpon account to your Twitter and Facebook, thereby alerting your friends that hey, you need some StumbleUpon love.

Moral of the story is, if you’re going to market your blog posts, Twitter and Facebook should definitely make your top priority list for submissions. If you’re going to branch out from there, look into reddit and StumbleUpon long before you consider digg or delicious. And if you want to be nice about it, share that tidbit with your friends and social media managers who prefer digg and delicious.

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