Browser Extensions for the Hater of the New Facebook

by Keri Honea on September 29, 2011

It never fails; Facebook changes its layout and/or features, and you have a mob of people who don’t like it. The biggest recipient of the latest batch of ire falls on Facebook’s new ticker that appears in the upper right corner of your main Facebook “home” page.

If you are one of these many people who utterly despises Facebook’s latest attempt to be Google Plus, then here are a few new browser extensions that you can easily download and install to help improve your overall Facebook experience.

Better FacebookBetter Facebook

The Better Facebook extension allows users to customize how they view Facebook in their browser. It’s not a separate app; it aut0-customizes exactly what is in your browser window.

If offers 75 different customizable features including themes, feed filters, options to hide posts that have already been read, automatic removal of recent activity from profile pages, tabbed news feeds, quick links for pages and apps in sidebar, and a friend tracker that will notify you once someone defriends you. And this is just a small sample of what it does.

It’s currently available for Firefox. Chrome, Safari, Opera 11, and Greasemonkey. Sorry, Internet Explorer users (you should be using a better browser anyway!).

I’ve been playing with this extension over the last week and so far, I really like it. Sometimes it feels a little obtrusive, but the good thing is that if there is any feature you don’t like, you can easily get rid of it. You can always change your options at any time as well.

FB PurityF. B. Purity

F. B. Purity (which stands for “fluff-busting”) filters out any unwanted application spam from your news feed, allows users to select what boxes they want displayed in the sidebars of their home pages, and allows users to hide the following newly released features:

  • news ticker
  • chat box
  • comments on event walls
  • comments and likes in top news
  • questions
For example, I do not play Farmville¬†or really any Facebook game for that matter, but I have numerous friends who do. It would be nice to auto-block all games from my news feeds instead of hunting down every single game and block them. The same goes for all of the random quizzes that pop up in friends’ statuses.

F. B. Purity is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Sorry once again, Internet Explorer users.

Facebook News Ticker Remover Chrome ExtensionFacebook News Ticker Remover

This extension for Chrome leaves very little to the imagination as for what it does.If you hate the new News Ticker Facebook has pushed on its home page, then you can get rid of it entirely with this free extension. It installs within seconds and only requires a simple refresh of your browser window if you happen to have Facebook open.

Better yet, it works seamlessly with the Better Facebook extension for Chrome.

Do you know of any other browser extensions that help improve your Facebook experience? Please let us know about them in the comments below!

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