How to Set a Vanity URL/Username for Your Facebook Page

by Keri Honea on October 6, 2011

Facebook Vanity URLIn Facebook’s most recent round of updates, they have changed how users can set the usernames–or as we like to call them, vanity URLs–for their Facebook Pages. Before you collectively groan, I have good news! For once, an update didn’t make something difficult; it’s now easier to set your vanity URL than ever.

What is a Facebook Vanity URL?

A Facebook vanity URL/username is a customized web address that Page owners can use to help market their Page. When you first create your Facebook Page, the URL for the page is initially something that is quite ridiculously long. It’s long profile number. If you’re representing a business, you don’t want this lengthy URL on your company business cards. For one, it will take up way too much space, but secondly, you always want your URLs–website or otherwise–to be something that’s easy to remember. 

For instance, our original Facebook Page URL for Content Solutions was: No one is ever going to remember that, and we never once considered writing out this lengthy URL in our email signatures or on our business cards. As soon as we were able, we requested our current vanity URL of Far better, yes?

How to Set Your Facebook Vanity URL

Before this last update, Page owners had to wait until their Pages had at least 25 fans and then they had to search for the super secret link within Facebook’s Help Center that would direct them to where they could go to create the custom URL. Now, you can do it right in your admin section of your Page. Simply visit your Page, click the Edit Page button at the top right, and then select the “Basic Information” link from the left sidebar menu. You should see the following:

Set Facebook Page Vanity URL

Notice the “username” field, fourth from the top? Here is where you can now set your personalized username for your Page. In addition, it doesn’t matter how many fans you have before you can set it. I have a Facebook Page set up for my Stella & Dot business I run on the side, and even though I only had 10 fans, I was able to set my custom URL using this method. Since I have changed the URL, I’ve actually gotten a few more fans, which I believe is largely from shortening the web address in my email signature.

Vanity URL Naming Tips

  1. Pick something short and sweet. Two to three words max.
  2. If you need more than one word, either run the words together, separating them with a capital letter (ContentSolutions) or separate words with hyphens (Content-Solutions).
  3. Be creative, but not off the wall or too far away from your brand.
  4. Choose something that is easy to remember.
Questions? Comments? Want to share crazy vanity URLs you’ve seen? Leave them in the comments below!

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Jacky Caine March 23, 2013 at 7:29 am

Thanks for the informative post. One question when people search for my site they cannot find it. I have run the words together inthecove as you are not allowed spaces. If people search for In the Cove in the facebook search bar you cannot find the name but if you search for inthecove all one word it shows up – what do you think I have incorrectly done??

Keri Honea May 15, 2013 at 11:22 am

You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s a Facebook issue that occasionally crops up with various pages. Double check your company information and make sure that your company info is listed with the spaces, just to make sure that isn’t causing the issue.

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