How to Create a Custom Facebook Landing Page

by Brittany Horton on November 3, 2011

Have you been to a business Facebook page and been welcomed with a wonderfully designed, interactive, and useful welcome page? That is a custom HTML Facebook Welcome page. So how do you create one for your Facebook business page? I plan to answer exactly that.

First you of course need to have a Facebook page (not a profile) for your business. If you do not have one already set up, please view this blog post outlining those details, on How to Setup a Facebook Fan Page by Keri Honea.

Once you have a Facebook page, you will want to add an app to allow you to use HTML on your welcome page. We use the Hosted iFrame App, you can find it here, Facebook Hosted iFrame App. It is fairly easy to add an app to your Facebook page, you do a search for the app, once on the page click on “Go to App”, if it asks for you to approve permissions to connect to your page and account, click on allow. Now you can choose your business fan page to add the app to. Once you have added the app, it automatically creates a “Welcome” tab. If you have already installed the app and can not find the app, go to your fan page, click on “Edit Page” in the top right, and click on the “Apps” tab. Here you will see all of the apps you have added to your page, you can click on “Edit Settings” to change the name of the page tab of how it will show on your page, or click on “Go To App” to edit the code of this new HTML page. One of the nice features is you can put specific content for those people that are already fans of the page, and a different message for those who have not yet “liked” you.

Important Note: The app does have a basic WYSIWYG editor that will allow you to make some basic changes, but if you are wanting a very customized page to match your brand, you will need to understand how to write and edit HTML to edit your Hosted iFrame App.

Anytime you want to add a new HTML page to your business fan page, you can come to this app page and click on “Go to App” once you are on the edit screen for the app, at the bottom you can choose to “Install Additional Tabs” and choose the icon you wish to use for your new tab. You will now have two tabs of HTML content that you can edit.

Here are some samples of the custom Facebook welcome pages we have recently created. They are not only providing helpful information, but they are also interactive and clickable! Some inspirational examples you can use when you are creating your page.

Adoption Day 2011 Facebook Page

CokerLegal facebook Page


FRCNT Facebook PageRAN Facebook Page

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