How do I turn off comments on images in WordPress?

by Keri Honea on August 23, 2012

Comment SpamThe spambots have gotten smarter, the little buggers. WordPress users are no longer safe from spam comments by simply turning them off on posts and/or pages. Spambots have found a way to leave spamtastic comments on your media files as well. If you’re running a good, quality spam filter, such as Antispam Bee or Spam Free WordPress, then it should catch all of these comments and mark them as spam. Even so, it doesn’t make these spam attacks any less annoying or even head-scratchingly confusing.

How are my images and other media files getting spam comments? How do I turn off comments for media files? There’s not a WordPress setting for that, right?

Unfortunately, there is not a WordPress setting for turning off comments on your media files. On the up side, there are two free WordPress plugins that will let you do so: Disable Comments and Comment Control. Before you pick one at random, however, know that each offers something different.

Disable Comments turns off all possible comments at once, including pages, posts, and media files. So if you’re looking to disable comments everyplace and everywhere, then this is the plugin for you. If you want some flexibility, then this is not your best option.

Instead, you should consider the Comment Control plugin, which does exactly that: control where comments are allowed. The plugin will automatically override WordPress’s settings for allowing comments on pages and posts, so think carefully on whether you should manually set comment permissions or block them outright. Either way, the most important setting is the one that lets you block all comments on media files.

Personally, I’m amazed that the WordPress framework itself doesn’t contain an option to turn off all comments on pages, posts, and/or media, but at least there is a plugin or two that can pick up the slack where WordPress left off.

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