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We are technical communicators. Writers of words. Designers of graphics and websites. And masters of online marketing.

We also like to share our knowledge. ┬áContent Notes is a place for us to not only share our experiences and brag on our successes, but it’s also a place for us to literally make notes about building content. It’s answers to questions we have, answers to questions our friends and clients have, and sometimes it’s all about sharing tricks, insights into how online content is changing, and of course, how we can rock your content world.

Louellen Coker

Louellen S. Coker

Chief Content Coach

Louellen is the Founder of Content Solutions as well as the chief writer, editor, designer, and all around chief of all things content. Learn more about Louellen Coker

Louellen’s Awesome Posts

Brittany Horton

Brittany Horton

Web and Pixel Monkey

Brittany is the resident photographer and design diva. Whether it’s document design, web design or graphic design, she has you covered. Learn more about Brittany Horton

Brittany’s Awesome Posts

Keri Honea

Keri Honea

Search Engine Wrangler

Keri has the degree in writing and editing, but her expertise lies in search engine optimization and social media management. Learn more about Keri Honea

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Chris Nitz

Chris Nitz

Social Media Wizard

Chris is our newest social media wizard, working with all of our clients social profiles. Learn more about Chris Nitz

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